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A lot of people these days are wanting that Hollywood smile! Did you know that most celebrities either have had orthodontic treatment or cosmetic dental treatment done, sometimes even a combination of both! Come in to Dental Greetings as we will look after you. Our first appointment will be for a full mouth check up and clean which we do for no out of pocket expense for patients with eligible health fund, that’t nothing to pay! Otherwise our $179 check up and clean package (including x-rays) is available for patients with no health insurance, that’s a saving of over $280! We want to make sure that there are no other issues dentally which can affect any further cosmetic treatment. To achieve your desired smile we then move on to having an extensive cosmetic treatment planning session to understand your main concerns and design your treatment specific to meeting your needs and expectations. Cosmetic treatment may range from crown and bridge work, to resin or composite build ups. If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call or come for the no gap check up and we will try and help answer your concerns!

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